Our Products

Disposable Parchment Piping Bags

Craftbags manufactures disposable piping bags from siliconised vegetable parchment paper.
We manufacture these in three sizes:

- small (packets of 10),
- medium (packets of 8)
- large (packets of 5).

These bags are packaged into grip-seal bags and are popular among cake decorators for their ease of use. You simply snip the end off the bag and drop in the piping tube!

Our other products include:

* Greaseproof circles from 6" up to 12"
* Greaseproof triangles (small, medium and large)
* Stainless steel piping tubes in all sizes and designs, from 000 to grass, star, basketweave, flower and petal tubes
* Reusable nylon piping bags from 8" to 24" - standard and heavy duty
* Plain icing scrapers and serrated icing combs in plastic, aluminium and stainless steel
* Piping tube cleaning brushes. couplers, flower lifters and flower nails
* Plunger cutters and normal flower cutters
* Foam pads and non-stick boards
* Cake Smoothers & Rolling Pins and much more.

Currently the range of our products can be found at our online shop - www.all-about-cake.co.uk - but we hope to have more information available for our wholesale customers online shortly.

If you are a retail outlet and you would like detailed information on our products please email us and ask for a catalogue and price list.